Industrial and Traders Audit

We are specialized in the following industrial and traders Audit

  • Poultry - Broiler manufacturing, poultry hatchery, feed manufacturing, commercial bird rearing, parent bird rearing, egg laying poultry farming, poultry chicken processing.
  • Cotton yarn Spinning mills
  • Construction services
  • Extraction of Blue metals, Crusher unit, Ready mix concrete
  • Hosiery manufacturing( including export), dyeing, knitting, printing, embroidery and compacting
  • Coconut, coconut coir, fiber manufacturing, coconut copra, coconut pith, coconut pith block bricks manufacturing.
  • Manufacturing of Plastic components, polybag, polythene sacks
  • Freight clearing and forwarding services
  • Traders in automobile vehicle, drip irrigation, hardware, oil, thread and embroidery materials, groceries and vegetables, poultry birds and eggs, motor pump sets and pipes and fuel station.
  • Food restaurants
  • Japanese quails birds rearing, poultry country chicken rearing
  • Power loom Gada cloth manufacturing including suzler loom materials, sizing and weaving.
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